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 Rules for this roleplay

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Cassie Blake
Cassie Blake

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PostSubject: Rules for this roleplay   Rules for this roleplay Icon_minitimeWed Dec 28, 2011 2:33 am

1. Please register if you want to RP (Role Play.) Your user name an be anything that's appropriate when you first register. Unless you sign up for a Canon character that's available. Please read the character lists it shows you how to sign up for a character from the show, books or for both.
(Character names can be changed later.)

EX: Cassie Blake for Canon Character

EX: Pink Bunnies for someone that doesn't know who they want to be.

EX: Ravyn Daniels for an OC (Original Character- someone you created)

2. Once you've registered please make an application for the character you want whether it's for a Canon or OC. You CAN NOT role play without submitting an application, and you MUST be accepted by and Admin or a Mod to start threading. Also you CAN NOT be related to a canon character unless they are listen on the character list. If you want to be related to an OC you MUST ask the person that plays them. If I find out that they said no and you do anyway, you will get a warning, and will have to change your character.

3. For your characters Avatar picture please use and actress/actor, or model for your Face Claim. If you don't know who is taken as a Face Claim please check out the Face Claim section. Don't forget to add your Face Claim to the list so someone else can't use it.

4. NO BULLYING of any kind. Bullying is not tolerated and you will be warned. Please be respectful to everyone on here. Of course characters can be picked on for fun but if someone tells you that they don't like it, please listen to them and stop.

5. Be nice in the Chatboxes. If someone doesn't like what you are doing or saying and they ask you to stop. Please do so. The chat box on the side of the screen is for normal chatting. The chat box at the bottom of the page is for chat threading.

6. Please try to use correct grammar and spelling. No abbreviate words unless you are making a text in your post. Now I know no ones perfect but try your best.

7. SWEARING, VIOLENCE, and LEMONS. I don't have a problem with swearing but please DON'T go overboard with that. Violence is the same thing, getting into fist fights, witches getting killed and witch hunters getting killed, well that happens. Just don't go overboard with that or go into explict details about their deaths. As for LEMONS, do not make them EXPLICT. Making out and removing clothing is ok but DO NOT and I mean DO NOT go into details, say the deed was done and move on. If you are going to have a lemon please put (M for minor lemons) in the description. WE HAVE YOUNGER PEOPLE ON THIS SITE.

EX: (From a thread between Cassie and Jake)

JAKE: Cassie kissed me and pulled us so close together our chests were touching. I put my hands in her hair letting them tangle in her blonde locks and kissed her harder. Cassie came back with the same amount of force and I realized that there was no more of a reason to hold back. I picked her up again walked to the couch where I laid her down. More clothing had come off, more biting and kissing happened, and the thunder and lightening outside went crazy. What I felt with Cassie I could never feel with anyone else. Her body and skin so close to mine was everything I could ever dream of. I always thought Cassie was the girl I could never haver but now I had every part of her and it belonged to me.

CASSIE:Jake moved us to the couch and things got more intense as the clothes came off. The thunderstorm covered up the pounding of my heart which felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. Suddenly the fact that he had been with Faye, went out the window. It didn't matter anymore, this just felt right. When we were both just about to lay down on the couch, thunder boomed so loudly that it sounded like an explosion went off out side. All the lights in the house when off and we were plunged into darkness. "Jake was that us?" I asked as I started feeling around for one of the shirts to put on before looking for the rest of my loaned clothes. I put on the first shirt I found and I really wasn't sure if it was the right one. I managed to weave my way around the furniture and made my way to the window. I peaked through the curtains and saw a transformer across the street was struck by lightening. The power was out on the whole block. "You have got to be kidding me." I said under my breath. First there were crows, now exploding transformers with lightening. Maybe I should just become a nun.

8. NO GOD MODING! (God-modding means when you are posting you take control of someone else's character.) The only way you will able to GM is if you have permission from the person who plays the character you would like to use. If no one is playing the character you would like to use ask an Admin or a Mod for permission.

9. Please avoid posting one liners. In order for this site to work we need good storylines. You can, however, post one liners when you are OOC (out of character). Also please don't post multiple times. If you would like to add some or change something please edit the post.

EX: (Don't do this.)

Cassie posted
Cassie posted
Cassie posted

EX: (How it should go.)

Cassie posted
Jake posted
Cassie posted
Jake posted.


Cassie posted
Jake posted
Diana posted

10. No spamming.

If you don't understand any of the rules or have some questions about what is or isn't acceptable, please PM an Admin or a Mod and we will answer all your questions.
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Rules for this roleplay
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