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 Mia's Application

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Mia Clark

Mia Clark

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PostSubject: Mia's Application   Mia's Application Icon_minitimeSat Mar 16, 2013 2:49 pm

Witch Application

Name: Mia Clark
Age/Birthday: 10th April 1990 (23)
Gender: Female
Years Active: 3 years
Parents: Father John Blackwell (she is the third daughter) and Adriana Clark
Bloodline: Balcoin
Powers: Controlling the element fire, dark magic (she doesn't know it's dark magic)
Personality: Mia is self confident and has a strong personality. She is loyal to her friends and her family and tries to be helpful. She can be nice if she wants to but she is also very sarcastic and can be impatient. Because of her bloodline she sometimes can be really aggressive and impulsive.
Physical Appearance: Mia is tall and very slim, has blonde hair and green eyes.
Book of shadows: Yes
Brief History: Mia was born in Boston and her parents are John Blackwell and Adriana Clark, who is also a witch, but her bloodline practices white magic. After Mia turned 18 she found out about her father, who she actually never knew about. So she also learned that she was a witch. Her mother was killed by John Blackwell, but she didn't know it. For her he appeared very gentle and as if he was caring about her. He promised her to be there for her from now on and told her about the abilities she would have if she would say yes to his plan (with the Balcoin Circle). So she decides to meet her other siblings and moves to Chance Harbor.
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Cassie Blake
Cassie Blake

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PostSubject: Re: Mia's Application   Mia's Application Icon_minitimeThu Mar 21, 2013 8:56 pm

Accepted and Welcome to Chance Harbor. Sorry I haven't gotten to the app sooner since I've been busy.
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Mia's Application
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